Daron Campbell's Recession Real Estate Riches Access

Daron Campbell's Recession Real Estate Riches Access

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Initial Investment Price: $4,998

What stops most amateur investors cold before they ever get started? The 1st deal.

This works from home, remotely and anywhere in the country from anywhere in the country:

With this Package you'll receive:

  • 2 hour LIVE class by Daron, “How to find the best deals”                                 
  • 4-Thursday Happy Hour group calls with Daron and Team
  • 1 Business strategy call with Daron
  • 3-One hour 1:1 coaching calls     
  • Daron’s 10 powerful modules of Real Estate today
  • Sample direct mail campaigns and scripts for sellers                 
  • Deal Analyzer with Unlimited Deal review by coaches                                    
  • Funding sources for your deals